pulse induction metal detector

Thanks to the large 116cm square coil having powerful electromagnetic penetration, it achieves extreme detection depths for large objects. The smaller coils however are preferred for small objects, such as gold nuggets. NOMAD is perfect for meteorite hunting.

A very simple operation is guaranteed by an especially quality electronics and very special design. At the same time this detector model offers a number of adjustable settings in experienced hands. A factory reset is available as well, ensuring comfort when playing with the settings. Every setting is included on the LCD display. The PI metal detector NOMAD has a special for this model metals classification system. This device is a “motion” detector. It requires movement (sweep), ranging from 2-3 cm per second, up to 150 cm per second.

Some Feature Specs

Battery Life

7-10 hours



Control instrument weight


Sweep Speed

2-150 cm/s

Power Supply

5V / 1A


-5 to +45C

Audio Signal

0 - 4000Hz

Handle Weight